Vermicompost FAQ

Vermicompost FAQ

What is vermicomposting?
Vermicomposting is the art and process of using worms to composting your organic materials, such as:
Fruits (light on the citrus fruit)
Veggies (not the spicy/hot ones)
Used coffee grounds
Unglossed paper
By using this method to break down your waste you are no longer contributing to the emission of greenhouse gasses and are lowering your carbon footprint.

Do the worm bins have an odor?
So long as you care for your bin the appropriate way there typically is no smell from the bin. Well covered materials and feeding the right amount is the key to a delightfully earthy smelling bin.

Why should I start vermicomposting?
In my humble opinion; composting is one of the simplest ways we can create sustainability in our homes. When you compost, you are showing that you care about the strain you are putting on the Earth. By diverting your waste through recycling, composting, and living as minimally as possible you are showing up for nature and you fellow man/woman in a major way.

I live in an apartment... Will I have enough space for a worm bin?
Absolutely! Worms don't need a ton of space to do their thing. We love to create custom worm bins that are perfect for our clients living space. Best thing about it, no one will ever know its there unless you tell them!

How can I get started?
Getting started is pretty simple... Let us know what service you would like to start with and we will take it from there!

Still Have Questions?
Hit us up on our worm line 720.675.8544
We are happy to answer any questions you may have.
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