Commercial Waste Diversion

Show your commitment to the environment with our commercial waste diversion program! Our team will process your waste into nutrient-rich vermicast helping you  experience the joy of operating sustainably with our services.


Feed Worms Not Landfills!

How much organic waste is your establishment currently producing? Allow us to help you divert that waste and upcycle it with worms. Through the process of vermicomposting we help companies like yours lower their carbon footprint and operate in a more sustainnable way.

How does our process work?

Princess Gardens picks up your waste. We then take it to our facility and prep it for our worms. When the worms are ready, we feed them that waste. The end result of them consuming said waste is an invaluable garden amendment.

What are the benefits of diverting with us?

When you divert your wate with Princess Gardens; a highly beneficial material called vermicast is produced. This vermicast is then donated to local farmers to help them grow in healthy living siol. Not only that; your contribution to Princess Gardens allows us to serve the community by offering free/low-cost environmental education to unconventional and marginalized learners throughout the community.

You should be vermicomposting

Divert Your Waste with Ease

Our Services Include

Weekly Pick-Up or On-site Processing

We have two options that will make it easy for you to divert you organic materials.

Option One: Set up a re-occoring weekly pick day for Princess Gardens to collect your waste.

Option Two: Invest in our vermicompost system to divert your own waste. We will train your staff to manage your worm farm or we will conduct weekly visits to manage your system for you.

Badges to Display Your Commitment to Sustainability

Operating a sustainable business is something to be proud of. You will receive a badge for you website and and vinyl sticker to display in your establishment to let your customers know you are operating with the environment in mind!

Annual Report

Each week we will track and record the amount of waste you are diverting. You will receive and report at the end of each year to help you keep track of how much waste you kept out of landfills.

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